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This page allows you to define the general items that appear in the header and footer of the generated file. You can specify a number of general fields to appear independently in the header and footer.

Apply format to

Select from the list the header or footer for which you want to specify the definitions. The available options are as follows:

General Header / Footer

These options are always available.

Group Header / Footer

These options are only available if you selected grouping of data lines at a lower level than the data export level.

Line Header / Footer

These options are only available if you selected to use a vertical line structure for the file.

You can export the header / footer settings to a .txt file if required. If you have a previously defined header / footer file, you can import it by selecting Import Form and navigating to the required file (which must be in the correct format in order to be imported).

Import Form

Allows you to import a text file form containing header and footer definitions.

Export Form

Allows you to export the current header and footer definitions to a text file form.

Fixed length for <specified header / footer>

Allows you to set the lengths of the fields for the selected header or footer. Clear the check box to use the default values.

(Data window)

The data window displays details of the string that makes up the header or footer. To insert a new row below the current row, select Add; to insert a new row above the current row, select Insert. If you know in advance how many fields you want to define, select Add or Insert as many times as you need, and then enter the data afterwards.


Indicates the sequence of the field in the header or footer. To change the sequence of a field in the header / footer, delete the field and insert it again (with its definitions) in the required position.

Field Type

Select the field type to appear in the header or footer. You can select among the following field types: Date, Time, User Name, File Name, Sequence, String, and Count Items. See Field Type Descriptions.

Field Format

The options available in this column depend on the field type that you select. For example, for date and time fields, you can select a specified format. For field type String, you can type the string value.


This column allows you to modify the number of characters allowed if you selected the Fixed length for… check box. This option is also sensitive to the selected field type, for example, you may not modify the length of a date or time field.

Total Line Length

Displays the sum of the column lengths for all the fields in the current header or footer.


Adds a new row below the current row.


Adds a new row above the current row.


Deletes the currently selected row.