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You can generate a SAP data file using existing settings, or you can specify new settings. In addition, you can specify user-defined strings to identify the data.

Select the required option for creating the SAP export file

Select one of the following options:

Enter your own settings with help from the wizard

Create a new profile

Allows you to define a completely new profile. When you select this option, no parameters are defined, and you must type a value in the Profile box. To create a new profile based on an existing profile, select Modify an existing profile, select the required profile from the list, and save that profile under a new name.

Use existing settings with the option to modify them

Modify an existing profile

Allows you to modify the parameters on each page of the wizard for an existing profile. You can select this option and type a new profile name to create a new profile based on existing parameters.

Use an existing profile without modifying

Uses the profile you select to generate data. When you select this option and select Next, the software opens the Export File page directly.

Select the appropriate Profile

This option is only available if you choose to modify or use an existing profile. Select a profile from the list.


After selecting a profile from the list, select to delete that profile.

User-defined strings

Enter user-defined character strings that the software uses to identify data that was deleted, inserted, or updated.

Deleted data

Type a string for identifying data that was deleted. The default value is D.

Inserted data

Type a string for identifying data that was inserted. The default value is I.

Updated data

Type a string for identifying data that was updated. The default value is U.

  • The software uses these strings as values for the Movementflag parameter, which is used with the Include changes options on the Date Range page.

  • To identify renamed records, the software generates two rows of data (one with status Deleted and one with status Inserted).