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Select the required options (the line structure of the file affects some of the options available for headers and footers as defined on the Header / Footer Definitions page).

Length of file line

Select one of the following options to specify how the software determines the lengths of the data lines in the export file, including the headers and footers):

Same as length of view line

Sets the length of each line only by the number of characters it contains.

Maximum length, with spaces added as necessary

Sets the length of each line to be equal to the length of the longest line in the file. In this case, the software adds extra spaces where needed at the end of each line, after any spaces that the software needs to add to individual fields defined as fixed length.

Line structure

Select one of the following options to specify the layout of the data in the export file:

Horizontal (all fields on one line)

Displays each row of data in the EDE as a complete line in the export file. This option does not include field titles.

Vertical (each field on a separate line)

Displays each data field in the EDE as a separate line in the export file. With this option, the software displays key fields on a single line. This option can include field titles, and an extra section becomes available for setting the separator between the field titles and field values.

Separator between field title and field value

If you selected Vertical as the line structure, choose the parameters for the field titles and values as follows:


Displays the field titles and values run together. For this option, it is recommended that you select the Fixed title length check box.

Colon / Dash / Comma / Tab

Select to use one of these characters as a separator.


Select to use a single user-defined character as a separator. Type the character in the box beside this option.

Fixed title length

Select this check box if you want the option of specifying a fixed number of characters allowed for each field title (this is useful if you want to line up all the data at the same point). In the box beside this option, type the number of characters. If a particular title contains fewer characters than this number, the software makes up the difference using spaces; if there are more characters than the number specified, the software truncates the extra characters. If you clear this check box, the entire title appears.

If you are using a vertical line structure and you do not want to display the field titles in the export file, select the Fixed title length check box and type the value 0 in the adjacent field. In this case, on selecting Next, the software prompts you to confirm this choice.

Skip empty values

Select this check box if you do not want to add a separator where the succeeding data value is empty.