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This page appears if you selected the Fixed field lengths check box on the Field Separators page, and allows you to set the number of characters for each field.

EDE View

Select from the list a view from those that you defined on the Item Type Selection page. If you selected more than one item for export, you need to specify the field lengths for each item.

Restore Defaults

Select this command to restore the default lengths for all the fields in the current view.

(Data window)

The data window displays the field names and their lengths.

Display Name

The title of the column for which the data values appear.

Database Name

The name of the field as it appears in the database.


The maximum length of the value allowed for the field. Modify the value as needed.

Total Line Length

Displays the sum of the column lengths for all the fields in the current view. The total number of characters entered in all columns must not exceed 4000 characters. If the total number exceeds 4000, all characters will be truncated.