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This page allows you to specify details of the profile containing the parameters you entered or retrieved in the wizard. Also, it allows you to generate a data file using the currently selected profile parameters.

Select a path and name for this file

Type a path and name for the profile, or select Browse to navigate to the required location. Note that the path that you type must already exist on your computer. The path must be a full one, including the appropriate drive mapping, and the file must have a.txt extension.


Select an existing profile to use it for generating a data file, or type a new name if you require. You can overwrite an existing profile with settings that you modified in the wizard, you can rename an existing profile, or you can create an entirely new profile. Note that the name SAP is reserved in the software; therefore, you should not use this name for your profile. Any other name is acceptable, for example SAP1, SAP NEW, My Profile.

Any time you make changes to an EDE View associated with a SAP profile (for example: adding or removing fields), you need to delete the existing profile, and recreate a new SAP profile.

Microhelp for line processing changes every ... lines

Enter a number that determines how frequently the Microhelp in the Status Bar indicates that the software is processing data lines. The lower the number, the more frequently the Microhelp value is updated, but this also slows down the processing and may make it difficult to read which line is being processed at a given moment.

Path for PSR files

If you require, type a path to specify a location for saving .psr files, or select Browse to navigate to the required location. Any path that you type must already exist on your computer. The .psr files enable SAPSyn to work more efficiently and quickly by configuring appropriately the structure of the SAP data window. The software defines the path per profile.

Save Profile

If you created or modified a profile, this option saves the profile in the specified path. You can load the profile later in order to export the data specified by it.


Saves the profile and exports the data immediately. If you have not selected a profile, the software performs data export only.

The software stores all file paths and profiles that you define on this page in both the INT-SAP.ini file (in the [Profile] section) and in the Smart Instrumentation database. When running the profile, the software uses the data from the INT-SAP.INI file; if no value exists in that file for a particular parameter, the software uses the value from the database.