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When Rule Manager starts, the tree view of the Smart Instrumentation Rule Manager window displays all rule folders contained in your rule base. You can create folders in this window to help organize rules. If you decide to organize rules into folders, this method does not affect performance of rules. The rules appear alphabetically in each folder.

You can move rules from one folder to another by selecting a rule and then using the appropriate command on the Edit menu. Also, you can use the shortcut menu commands and toolbar icons to manage your folders and rules.

You create rules in the Rule Properties dialog. The Rule Properties dialog can be opened from the Edit menu, toolbar, or shortcut menu.

  • If changes are made to rule definitions while Smart Instrumentation is open, the user must close and reopen Smart Instrumentation.

Rule Manager definitions do not work in the following scenarios:

  • Rule Manager definitions can be applied when working in As-Built and Projects, except for claiming and merging actions.

  • User interface rules work only with items in property forms (dialogs), they do not work with EDE Views or the Spec module.

  • When working with the Merger utility, Rule Manager definitions are not applied to the merged items.

  • When the Rule Manager feature is disabled by a Domain Administrator, system rules are applied to all domains (except during claim and merge actions).

  • Rule Manager does not function when working with document binder packages.