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This section provides short descriptions of the new features in Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation 2019 major and minor releases and its service packs. For details of features added in previous versions of Smart Instrumentation, see the Release Bulletin document supplied with the specific version.

Smart Instrumentation 13.1


As-Built/Projects has been improved with the addition of;

  • Offline Projects - It is now possible for an Owner Operator to supply an external contractor a project, without the external contractor gaining access to the Owner Operator's source database. This ability for an Owner Operator to download quickly and easily a project to a file and forward the file to an external contractor, allows for a more efficient way for the external contractor to work, and more importantly, security for the Owner Operator knowing that there is no external interaction with their database. When the contractor has finished work on the project he returns the file where it can be checked before merging it back to the source database. For more information see Export a Project and Import a Project.

  • New Options for Merging - Two new options have been added to the claim and merger process in Smart Instrumentation.

    • Exclude Specs and Process Data

    • Specs and Process Data only

      Typically, an Owner Operator sub-contracts projects such as wiring or process data to external contractors. These two new options give the Owner Operator greater control of how these sub-contractors projects are claimed or merged back into the source database. There are three possible scenarios for the use of these two new options.

    • Scenario 1 - Owner Operator sends a project to two sub-contractors.

      Contractor 1 - Process data

      Contractor 2 - Wiring data

      Using both these new options the Owner Operator can claim or merge the projects in any order without effecting the other data.

    • Scenario 2 - Owner Operator performs the wiring tasks and sub-contracts the Process tasks. Using the Specs and Process Data only option, the claim or merger is performed without effecting the Owner Operators wiring work.

    • Scenario 3 - Owner Operator performs the Process tasks and sub-contracts the Wiring tasks. Using the Exclude Specs and Process Data option, the claim or merger is performed without effecting the Owner Operators process work.

      For more information on merging As-Built items, see Merge Project Items with As-Built or Claim As-Built Items to a Project.

EPC Project Mode

  • EPC - Projects mode is a new domain type that has been added to Smart Instrumentation. The EPC-Projects mode allows for the same functionality as in an Owner Operator domain, the creation of projects as separate items for different engineering groups to work on when creating new plants and the merging them back to the main EPC project. In the EPC-Projects mode this is known as the Projects Center.

Inactive Cable or Cable-Set

  • You can now drag and drop an inactive project Cable or Cable-Sets active wires within the Connection window, to create or move a connection.

Smart Instrumentation 2019

Functionality, such as importing hook-up libraries or importing DDP library data, that used example databases, for example IN_ctlog.db or INToolsef.db have been changed and now have the suffix .ddti.

DBChecker Utility

Since Smart Instrumentation 2018, the DBChecker Utility (checkdb.exe) is no longer available.


All of Smart Instrumentation documentation set is now available on-line. (We no longer supply documentation with the software, accept for the Readme.)

This change to documentation on-line allows us to update our documentation much more quickly giving you a better experience. The on-line documentation also allows for searching across all of PPMs documentation, the creation of personalized documentation, bookmarking, and more.

To view the On-line documentation, go to Hexagon PPM Documentation (


It is now possible to publish to SmartPlant Foundation wire-terminal relations using the Cable Connection Browser report. This involves changes being made to the Smart Instrumentation mapping definitions using the the SmartPlant Instrumentation Schema Configuration Wizard. For more details see the Online help for Smart Instrumentation.

Save as

The Excel format .XLSX has been added to the format options available in the Save as dialog box.

Save Specification Sheets as PDF Files

Specification sheets can be saved as PDF files. You can select one specification or a number of specifications. They can be saved individually as single files or you can save a number of specifications together as one PDF.

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