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On this tab, you set the level of accuracy for display of process data sheets, specify the interface language, and set printing options.

Numeric field accuracy — Select a percentage value from this list to determine the level of accuracy for display of process data sheets.  Although the accuracy that you choose influences the number of decimal places displayed, this influence varies with the order of magnitude of the value.  For example, if you select 10% accuracy, a value of 0.456789 is displayed as 0.46, and a value of 456.789 is displayed as 457.  If you select 0.1% accuracy, the first value is displayed as 0.4568 and the second value as 456.8.

Enable translation — Select to allow an interface other than English.

Select language (available if you selected Enable translation) — Select an interface language.

Update shared data for all cases — The options in the list determine whether to allow updating of changed shared data values from the current case in all other tag cases.

  • Always — Always updates the modified values of the shared data, without prompting.

  • Never — Leaves the previous values of the shared data in all the cases.

  • Ask user — Prompts you whether to update the shared data.