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You use this dialog box to convert .psr specification files to .isf format in batch mode.

Source files

Source folder — Type the path and folder of the .psr files that you want to convert to .isf format.  You can also click to open the Browse for Folder dialog box, where you navigate to the source folder.

Data Window

Select — Select to include the file beside this check box in the batch conversion.

File name — Displays the names of the .psr files in the source folder.

Select all — Select to include in the batch conversion all of the tags displayed in the data grid.

Target files

Target folder — Type the path to the folder where External Editor saves the files it converts to .isf format.  If you selected Target folder same as source, or if you clicked to navigate to the target folder, this box displays the path and folder name.

Target folder same as source — Select to copy the path and folder name from the Source folder box to the Target folder box.

Overwrite target files without prompting — Select to enable overwriting of target files without prompting for approval of each file to be overwritten.