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  1. Click File > Open.

  2. From the Files of type list, select Spec files (*.isf).

  3. Navigate to the Smart Instrumentation specification file that you want to edit, and click Open.

  4. Edit the numbered pages containing the fields that are identical for all of the tags.

  5. Click in each field that you want to edit and do one of the following, as available:

    • Type a new entry, or edit the existing data.

    • Select values from available lists.

      If you click the unit of measure fields for Pressure Max and Oper., select values from the Select Unit of Measure dialog box that opens.

  6. To edit the fields that differ from tag to tag, click the Multi-Item List tab.

  7. Do one of the following:

    • Click File > Save. This option is available only if you loaded an .isf file.

    • Click File > Save As, and in the dialog box that opens, change the existing file name or type a new name, and then click Save.

The tag number field is never enabled for editing in External Editor.  If additional fields that you need to edit are disabled, see Protect Fields Before Exporting Specs to External Editor in the Smart Instrumentation Help.