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Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation External Editor enables an external party (contractor, engineering company, and so forth) to modify your instrument specifications outside of Smart Instrumentation.  In External Editor, you can open instrument specification sheets and modify them as needed.  You can then import these files back into Smart Instrumentation for further processing.

  • External Editor supports .psr and .isf file formats.  It is not possible to work with new .psr spec files that users can create in Smart Instrumentation.  If you upgraded the Smart Instrumentation database from a version where you used .psr spec files, you can open an old .psr spec file in the current version of External Editor, change the data as required, and then save the file in .isf format.  Such .isf files are fully compatible with Smart Instrumentation Version 7.

  • In External Editor, you can only work with specifications whose item type is Instrument.

  • External Editor does not support export of data for composite specifications.

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