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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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Grants are given via the INTOOLS_ENGINEER role permissions.

  • The Administration (Admin) schema gets a DBA grant.

  • Each domain receives its grant to view all tables in the Administration schema and update permission for REV_SOFTWARE in the domain table.

  • Domains receive grants to update columns in the DOMAIN and LICENSE tables of the Admin schema.


On Oracle, the synonym is given to Admin tables for each domain so it can be read from each domain.


The sequence is used to create unique numbers for the table's Primary Keys.

  • SEQ_NEXT_ID - to give the next sequence number for the row ID.

  • All new records use the same sequence except the cascade tables: cable-set-wire; and panel-strip-terminal.  For these tables, the top-level item type is given a sequence number like all the other tables, then the system just selects the lowest number available and grows sequentially (that is, when creating a panel, the panel_id will be taken from the sequence, the first strip ID will be 1, the first terminal in this strip will be 1, and the rest of the terminals will go from there: 2,3,4,...).

  • On Oracle, the sequence cache is 100.  Oracle needs to complete reading a set of 100 sequence numbers before accessing the disk to read the next set of sequence numbers.

  • On SQL Server, tables with the same names (SEQ_NEXT_ID and so forth) replace the functionality of the sequence.