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This section provides detailed information about database schemas and their functions and about types of Smart Instrumentation users.  Also, the section describes how the software retrieves the database schema logon data to connect to the Smart Instrumentation database.  Using this information, you can learn how to enhance your logon data and database connection security if needed.

Smart Instrumentation is a Client/Server product.  Therefore, two layers of security are maintained.  On the user side, the application handles access rights to prevent users from accessing different items in the system, and can give different levels of access (for example, view only, modify, add) to various application sections.  For details, see Access Rights in the Administration Module help..

On the database side, it is important to prevent users who do not have the appropriate access rights from accessing data using external tools.  It is also important to eliminate the possibility of Smart Instrumentation users without appropriate access rights from accessing other data that may reside on the same database server.