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The instructions in this procedure apply to SQL Server 2014.

The following section explains how to restore a backed up Smart Instrumentation database on the target server.

  1. Run MS SQL Server Management Studio on the source server and log on as the System Administrator.

  2. In the Restore Database dialog box select Device and then click the Ellipses button.

  3. In the Select Backup Device dialog box, check that File is the selected Backup Media Type.

    SHARED Tip The Backup Media Type by default is File.

  4. Click Add and navigate to and select the required backup (,bak) file.

  5. Click OK to return to the Restore Database dialog box.

    • You can change the database name if you want.

    • You can relocate database files, if required, from the files section.

  6. Click OK.

    • You must have SQL Server installed on your target server with the same character set and sort order as on the source server.

    • Make sure that you have enough disk space for each data file. To improve the restore performance, create the Indexes, Data, and Log files on different physical disks if possible.