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The backup and restore procedures are used in conjunction with one another; you need to make a backup of your Smart Instrumentation database if you want to be able to restore a corrupted or damaged database from a previously backed up database. You back up a Smart Instrumentation database using your database platform options.

  • During the lifetime of your instrumentation data, you store in your Smart Instrumentation database important data and spend a lot of time creating it. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain backup procedures, and back up the appropriate Smart Instrumentation data regularly.

  • If you have saved external files, for example, trimmed audit trail data files, spec files saved in .psr or .isf format, keep the original external file paths the same on all client machines when restoring your Smart Instrumentation database.

Smart Instrumentation does not have its own backup utility that allows you to back up the entire Oracle or SQL Server database and relies on you to correctly use the backup utility of the selected database.

Shut down all engines that use your database (for example, InfoMaker) before backing up or restoring your Oracle or SQL Server database.

This document includes information about using the backup and restore procedures in SQL Server and Oracle. The information provided here is not intended to substitute the information given in the relevant database platform manual but to supplement it with requirements specific to Smart Instrumentation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the backup and restore procedures described in your Oracle and SQL Server user's guides before you read this document.

In addition to regular backups, it is highly recommended to back up the Smart Instrumentation database in the following special cases:

  • Before upgrading the version of the software

  • Before and after a massive import

  • At any milestone in your set of tasks (for example, when you finish creating your domain)

  • It is also recommended to test the backup of your data, and restore it once prior to the first major modifications to your data using the following sequence of operations:

    1. Make a database backup.

    2. Make some changes to your database.

    3. Restore the database.

    4. Make sure you have your previous version of data.