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This option allows you to identify abnormal database behavior and correct it by rebuilding the stored procedures and triggers in the database.  Normally, the System Administrator accesses this feature from the Administration module; however, you can run it from the Internal Setup Utility if for some reason you cannot log on to the Administration module.

To open this dialog box from the Internal Setup Utility, click Settings > Rebuild Procedures and Triggers.

Select a schema you want to rebuild:

  • Admin schema — Allows you to rebuild the Admin schema.

  • Domain schema — Allows you to rebuild the schema of the domain you select from the Domain list.

Domain — Allows you to select the target domain if you choose to rebuild a Domain schema.

OK — Opens the Rebuilding Stored Procedures and Triggers dialog box where you can accept or specify a log file path and start the process.

 Make sure that all users have logged out of the database before rebuilding stored procedures and triggers.  When you start rebuilding stored procedures and triggers, no users should attempt to log on to Smart Instrumentation.