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You use this dialog box to display the settings of the current default printer.  The dialog box also allows you to access a dialog box to change the printer settings.

To access this dialog box, click File > Printer Diagnostics.

Printer settings

Displays the current printer settings after you click Test.

Printer name — Displays the name and model of the printer.

Horizontal resolution — Displays the horizontal resolution of your printer in dpi (dots per inch).

Vertical resolution — Displays the vertical resolution of your printer in dpi.

Port — Displays the port connecting your computer to the printer.

Paper width — Displays the width of the paper you selected in setup.

Paper height — Displays the height of the paper you selected in setup.

Paper size — Displays the name of the paper-size you selected, for example: A4, Letter, with the appropriate dimensions.

Print driver — Displays the name of the driver file you set for this printer on your computer.

Printing orientation — Displays Portrait or Landscape selected, according to the print setting.