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This dialog box enables you to save your query results as an external file.  Among the formats supported are Microsoft Excel, PowerSoft, and SQL.


Saves the data in all the fields, including internal database ID numbers and so forth.  This option is recommended if you want to save the file in . psr, .xls, or .sql format, or if you want to re-import the data into Smart Instrumentation at a later stage.

Data only

Saves only the report data that is visible in the preview.  This option is recommended for easier viewing of the data, and enables you to manipulate the headers and select the columns you want to display.

Include headers — Allows you to include the column headers in the new file you are saving.  This option is available only if you selected Data only.

Edit headers — Opens the Edit Column Headers dialog box where you can edit the column headers Smart Instrumentation saves in the new external file.  This option is available only if you selected Data only and Include headers.