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This dialog box allows the System Administrator to add a user to the database, modify a user profile, or remove a user from the system.  After you remove a user, this individual can no longer access Smart Instrumentation, however, the history and activity tracking information associated with that user remains in the database.  For this reason, every user must have a name that is unique to your system.

  • If you want to delete a user who is a System Administrator or Domain Administrator, you must first assign a different user as the System Administrator or Domain Administrator.

  • If the System Administrator enables the use of Windows authentication logon method in a specific domain, the software can create users automatically and assign them to the appropriate user groups in that domain.

User — Click New or Edit and type a unique user name (if you are creating a new user profile) or select an existing user from the list (if you are editing an existing user profile).  The user name can contain up to thirty characters.  The software applies upper case to all alphabetic characters.  You can use any combination of characters.

User initials — Type the user initials, if required.  These initials will be used to identify the user when this user enters revisions.  The user initials will appear in the By field of the Revisions dialog box.

Password — Type the user password (displayed masked).  This is the default user password given by the System Administrator and which can be later changed by the user.  A password can contain up to 20 characters and is case-sensitive.  The software encrypts the password automatically.

Verify new password — Retype the password.

Note — Type a short note if needed after clicking Edit or New.  To insert a carriage return, press CTRL + ENTER.

Department — Select a department to which the user will be assigned.

System Administrator — Select this check box to grant System Administrator rights to the currently selected user.

IDEAL user — Select this check box to define the currently selected user as an IDEAL user.  When generating reports using IDEAL, you must define an IDEAL user to enable the software to make a connection between the Smart Instrumentation Server and the Smart Instrumentation database.  You must log on to Smart Instrumentation using the IDEAL user name and password to be able to set the preferences for IDEAL report generation that the software can recognize.  Note that you can define one IDEAL user only per domain.

Command Buttons

Edit — Allows you to edit the current user definition.

New — Allows you to create a new user.

Delete — Allows you to delete the user you selected from the User list.

 If you enabled the use of Windows authentication logon method, it is possible to remove all Windows users from Smart Instrumentation if these users have been deleted from the corresponding Windows groups.