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Enables you to assign icons to telecom device types available in the current domain.  This way the software can indicate the telecom device type of specific device panels displayed in the Domain Explorer.

Icons that you assign using this dialog box appear instead of the default icons: for conventional device panels, and for plug-and-socket device panels.

A new icon can only appear after a Smart Instrumentation user creates a telecom tag belonging to the device type to which you have assigned the icon.

Telecom Device Type — Displays all the telecom device types defined in the current domain.  Users can manage telecom device types in the Instrument Index module.

Description — Displays the telecom device type description.

Icon File Name and Path — Displays the icon assigned to the telecom device type.  You can click Browse to assign the appropriate icon.  If you do not assign any icon, the software uses the default icon.

 You can only select icon files with the extension .ico.