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Enables the Domain Administrator to define new revision settings for the target lowest plant hierarchy item.  Domain Administrator defines revision settings separately for each module selected in the left section of the Copy Data from Source dialog box.  To open the dialog box, in the Copy Data from Source dialog box, click New Revisions.

 Revision copying options are not retained when you reopen the Copy Data from Source dialog box.

Revision method — These options allow you to select a revision sequence method.  The options are:

  • P0, P1, P2... — Allows you to apply this sequence in preliminary revisions.

  • 0, 1, 2... — Allows you to use a numeric revision numbering method, and number revisions using the sequence 1, 2, 3, and so forth.

  • A, B, C... — Allows you to use an alphabetical revision numbering method, and number revisions using the sequence A, B, C, and so forth.

  • Other — Allows you to use a user-defined numbering method by entering a value in the No (number) field of the data window.

Data Window

Define your revision settings to be used in Smart Instrumentation documents you create in the selected module.  When in the left section of the Copy Data from Source dialog box you select a different module, and access the Target Revisions dialog box again, the data window is empty. Click a revision method option, and click New to add a row in the data window.

No (number) — Displays the revision value, depending on the revision method option you use.  If your revision method is Other, type your revision value.  If you did not select Other, every time you click New, the software adds a new line with the next logical value and date.  If required, for methods P0, P1, P2..., 0, 1, 2..., and A, B, C..., you can change the default revision number values as well.

By — Type the name or initials of the person who created the revision (optional).

Date — Type the date of creating a revision.  The default is the current date.  If required, type a different date, using the format of the default date.

Description — Type a revision description as required.