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Enables you to select a specific project or As-Built as a source for claiming items for the project you selected on the Project Activities dialog box.  If the claim source in As-Built, you can claim As-Built items for the target project.  When the claim source is a project, you can claim items you created in the source project or items you previously claimed for this project.  It is possible to claim the same item for more than one project if the System Administrator cleared the Exclusive claim mode check box in the Domain Definition window.  If this check box is selected, it is only possible to define the scope of items for the current project using As-Built as a claim source.  The dialog box opens when you click Scope on the Project Activities dialog box.

Claim source — Allows you to select As-Built or a project as a claim source.

 When the claim source is a project, the source and target projects must be carried out in the same <plant>.

OK — Opens the Scope Definition dialog box, where you select the <unit> in the target project <plant> before proceeding to defining a scope of items for the project.