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This dialog box enables you to switch to another interface language which has been imported previously to the database by the System Administrator.

Language — Allows you to select a target language.

Optimize speed — Allows you to speed up the translation process by loading the interface text into the computer memory and retrieving it from there.  If you clear the check box, the software retrieves the interface text from the database.  This frees the memory resources but decreases the performance.  Selecting this check box also makes the Use file and Overwrite existing file options available.

 If you already specified a .psr file for translation, clearing the Optimize speed check box removes the file definition from the dialog box.

Use file (only available after selecting Optimize speed) — Allows you to retrieve the interface text from a language saves to a .psr file.  Click Browse to specify the path and filename of the language file from which you want to retrieve the interface text.

 The software does not check whether the specified .psr file is suitable for translation.  If you select an unsuitable file, the software will display the 'Expression not valid' message when you try to use various options in Smart Instrumentation.

Overwrite existing file (only available after selecting Optimize speed) — Replaces the terms and phrases in the external language file after installing an update.  When this check box is selected, the software overwrites all existing data in the language file that exists in the database.

OK — Switches to the selected language.

Default — Reverts to the default language from another language.  The default language is English.