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Enables you to set password and logon information definitions for Smart Instrumentation users.

To open this dialog box, with the System Administration window open, click Activities > Security Options.

Require unique password — Makes all user passwords unique.

Log off for wrong password — Allows you deny access to Smart Instrumentation if the user enters the wrong password three times.

Password expiration — Sets the software to require the user to define a new password one month after the previous definition.  This option does not apply when using Windows authentication logon method.

Define minimum password length — Allows you to select the number of characters for the user password length.

Enable Windows authentication logon method — Enables users to bypass the Logon Information dialog box when these users access Smart Instrumentation.  For this feature to take effect, the Domain Administrator needs to associate a Windows group that exists in Windows with a Smart Instrumentation group.  After that, any user who belongs to this Windows group can access Smart Instrumentation automatically, without having to provide any logon information.

 If you clear this check box, each user must provide a personal Smart Instrumentation user name and password when logging on to Smart Instrumentation.