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These preferences allow you to fine-tune the printing of wiring reports.

To access these preferences, in the Preferences dialog box, in the tree view pane, click PPM All Outputs Graphic beside Wiring and then click Reports.

General settings for Panel-Strip and I/O Map reports

Show wire tag and color in separate columns — Adds an additional column to panel-strip reports.  Adding an extra column improves the display of the cable, cable set, wire, and color fields. Clearing this check box results in the Customize Report Layout command in the View menu, being disabled.

Include unclaimed As-Built items — Includes in the reports not only items claimed for a specific engineering project, but also the items that have not been claimed.

Restart pagination for each terminal strip when not previewing the report ( for reports with adjacent connections only.) — When not previewing a report before printing, restarts the pagination of the report for each terminal strip.

Include terminal type name ( for reports with adjacent connections only.)— Select this option to include the terminal type name of the strip on the Panel-Strip with Adjacent Connections report.

Include channel information in Panel-Strip reports

I/O channels — Includes all the channels that are child items of terminal strips under I/O cards.

Apparatus — Includes all the apparatus channels.

Channels — Includes all the channels that are not child items of terminal strips under I/O cards.

I/O Map report

Show channel address in I/O Map report — Displays the channel addresses on the I/O Map report.