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This option allows you to set Smart Instrumentation to name jumpers automatically using the default naming format.

To access these preferences, in the Preferences dialog box, in the tree view pane, click PPM All Outputs Graphic beside Wiring and then click Jumpers.

Automatic naming

Name jumpers automatically — Allows you to select name jumpers automatically.  Select this check box in the following cases:

  • When making connections using connection types whose definitions contain jumpers.  In this case, the software automatically names the created jumpers using the following default format: J<first terminal name>/<second terminal name>.  For example, J1+/3sh.  You cannot modify the default format.
    Clear this check box to name new jumpers by incrementing the jumper number, for example J1/1, J1/2 and so forth.

  • When adding new jumpers to a terminal strip in the Connection window.  In this case, the software suggests a jumper name in the New Jumper Connection dialog box.  The suggested jumper name is based on the default format mentioned in the previous paragraph.  You can accept the suggested name or type another jumper name as needed.
    Clear this check box to prevent the software from suggesting jumper names when making new jumper connections on the New Jumper Connection dialog box.

Propagate tag signal through jumpers — Allows you to instruct the software to propagate tag signals through jumpers.  If you do not select this preference, the software will not propagate tag signals through jumpers.