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This preference allows you to determine whether to include jumpers, internal connections, and cable lengths when duplicating wiring items.

To access these preferences, in the Preferences dialog box, in the tree view pane, click PPM All Outputs Graphic beside Wiring and then click Copy Items.

When copying items

Duplicate jumpers — Select this check box to include source panel jumpers in the duplication process.  Clear this check box to exclude source panel jumpers when duplicating a panel.

Retain cable length — Select this check box to retain the cable length property when copying or duplicating a cable.  Clear this check box (default value) not to retain the cable length of the source cable.

Copy internal connections — Select this check box to preserve the internal connections within a copied item.  This means that the software will retain the cables and cross wires that connect among the various terminal strips within the item that you are copying or duplicating.

Note that Smart Instrumentation performs the operation described when duplicating an item or when copying items from the Reference Explorer to the Domain Explorer or from the Domain Explorer to the Reference Explorer as follows:

  • Cross wires and cross-cables — The software does not duplicate or copy any cross wires or cables whose wires are also used to connect terminal strips that are located outside of the terminal strip that you are copying.

  • System cross-cables — Internal connections that use system cross-cables are duplicated even when other wires belonging to that cable are connected to other items.

  • User-created cross cables — Internal connections that use cross cables created by users will be duplicated as long as all the wires of the user-created cross cable are connected internally to the selected item.  If there are wires connected to another item, the user-created cross cable will not be duplicated.

  • Cables — Cables connected only on one end and not connected on their other end will be duplicated when copying an item to which the cable is connected.  For example, when copying a junction box, the connected cable will be duplicated if the multi-pair cable that is connected on the terminal strip is not connected on its other end. Device cables will not be duplicated if they are connected to device panels.

  • Jumpers — When duplicating jumpers, your Duplicate jumpers preference setting overrides all other settings.  Therefore, the software duplicates jumpers only if you select the Duplicate jumpers preference.

  • Naming conventions — When the software creates a copy of a cable during a duplication of an item, it uses the following naming convention: Copy of +<source cable name>.