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These options enable you set preferences when saving specifications as .psr files.  Also, you can specify a default folder for exporting specification data to .isf files, or for importing specification data from .isf files.

PSR options

PSR working folder — Click Browse to select a working folder in which to keep specification page files (in .psr format).  For best performance, define a folder on your client computer.  If you do not define a PSR working folder, the software keeps the files in the temporary folder path that you specify under the general preferences.

The .psr files that the software generates when opening a print preview do not get saved in this folder but in the temporary folder.  You specify the temporary folder path on the General page of the Preferences dialog box.

Global path — Displays the global path set by the System Administrator.

To enable a generated file path other than the default path, the System Administrator must ensure that in the Domain Definition Window (System Administration) the Allow to overwrite the global path check box is selected. For further details see, Domain Definition Window (System Administration).

Overwrite PSR files — For best performance, make sure that this check box is cleared.  In some network configurations, however, a .psr working file may not be properly updated from the database.  In such a case, select this check box to overwrite .psr files every time that you save specifications.  Note that when you select this check box, the performance of the software can slow down.

ISF export/import

Default export/import folder — Click Browse to select a folder that you want to set as your default .isf file folder.  The software will display this folder automatically in all dialog boxes where you need to select a folder for importing data from .isf files, or for exporting data to .isf files.