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Use these options to customize features in the current module.  For details of acceptable parameters and values, contact Hexagon PPM Support.

Custom features for the Specifications module

Parameter — Enables you to type the parameter for the feature that you want to customize in this module.

Value — Type the value of the parameter.

  • Specs default TB with PB Units

    • If, in the Report Management dialog box of the Administration module, the Domain Administrator assigned the template title block Specs default TB with PB Units to specifications, you need to place the title block correctly in the layout of a spec page.  To do so, enter the TitleFooterHeight parameter and define a value.

    • If you use the template title block Specs default TB with PB Units in specifications you create using Smart Instrumentation options, the optimal value is 798.  If you created a spec page in InfoMaker, you may need to enter a different value, depending on your page layout settings.

  • Override user defined sheet numbering

    • To override user defined sheet numbering with numbering generated by the software, enter the Parameter: SystemPageCount and the Value: 1 The software changes the values in the sheet numbering to a progressive value depending on the Sheet number and number of sheets. For example, a 2 sheet specification where the user defined both sheets as 1 of 1 becomes 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Another example would be in a situation where the first sheet has been numbered 1 of 6 and the second sheet 3 of 4, the software changes the numbering to 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.

    • The changes can be viewed in the Print Preview or printed specification, no changes are made to the specification numbering in Smart Instrumentation.