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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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Administration & Configuration
Smart Instrumentation Version

Use this option while preparing Smart Instrumentation data that you want to publish for the DCS vendor (such as DeltaV).

DCS vendor options

Fieldbus mode — Determines whether you can work with fieldbus devices you created in Smart Instrumentation or with fieldbus devices you downloaded to Smart Instrumentation.  Select this check box if you are preparing fieldbus data for publishing to the DCS vendor software.  When the check box is selected, on the Fieldbus tab of the Tag Number Properties dialog box, the contents of the fieldbus device revision list is limited according to the manufacturer that you select on the General tab.  Your selection of manufacturer and fieldbus device revision then determines function block association for a given instrument.  The software displays only those function blocks that belong to the downloaded fieldbus devices and makes the Function Blocks supporting table inaccessible.

If you clear this check box, you can work with function blocks you create in Smart Instrumentation.  The software hides function blocks belonging to fieldbus devices you previously downloaded.