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These options allow you to set your preferences for the browse option in the Instrument Index module.

Browser view options

Open the Instrument Index module in a browser view — Starts the Instrument Index module with the default browser view in the browser designated for use with the Instrument Index module (the Instrument Index Standard Browser or a suitable PowerSoft Browser).  If the Instrument Index module was the last module that you worked in, and on the General page you selected Automatic start of the last module, Smart Instrumentation starts with this browser view.

Open the Browser Manager to define a default view before opening — Select this check box to require the user to select a view in the Instrument Index Standard Browser or a suitable PowerSoft Browser before opening this browser view.  Clear this check box to open automatically the browser view set as the default in the specified browser.

Fluid state for process data — Selects the fluid state to use as default when generating new process data sheets for the tags selected in the browser view. The available fluid state options are Liquid, Water, Gas/Vapor, Steam, Solid/Powder or N/A or other.