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These options allow you to set or customize item display options in certain reports that you can generate in the Hook-Ups module.

Tag display level

You can set the software to display tag numbers on the highest or lowest level of your plant hierarchy.  This setting apply to BOM, Hook-Up Tag list report, and hook-up drawings.  Note that in the Domain Explorer or Hook-Up Explorer, tag numbers and other items are always displayed on the lowest plant hierarchy level.  The default highest level is Plant.  The default lowest level is Unit.  The Domain Administrator makes plant hierarchy level definitions in the Plant Hierarchy dialog box of the Administration module.

  • Highest plant hierarchy level — Allows you to display tag numbers in reports on the highest level of the plant hierarchy.  This way you include in a report all tag numbers that appear in all <units> that belong to the current highest plant hierarchy level item. 

  • Lowest plant hierarchy level — Allows you to display tag numbers in reports on the lowest level of the plant hierarchy, that is, tags displayed in the Domain Explorer or Hook-Up Explorer for the current <unit>.

Show pipe spec names in reports — Select this check box to display the pipe spec names of pipe specs associated with hook-up sub- libraries.

Bill of Material

  • Hide item number row when total quantity is zero — Allows you not to include in BOM the item number whose quantity is zero.

  • Enable the use of edit mode — Allows you to select the Edit mode check box in a BOM print preview.

Sort hook-up items in generated drawings

You use these option buttons to determine how the hook-up items are sorted in reports.

  • By item number — Allows you to sort the hook-up items in order of the item numbers.

  • By item order — Allows you to sort the hook-up items by their order of their assignment to a hook-up.