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Smart Instrumentation allows you to predefine up to six different layer names for use when generating reports in the Enhanced Report Utility.  These layers can then be used to display different attributes of your drawing, such as symbols, texts, wiring and so forth.  You can then select to see one specific layer or a combination of certain layers.  These layers can then be transferred to AutoCAD and MicroStation formats when saved as an external file.

Use these options to customize the names of the layers used in enhanced reports.


Shows a list of the enhanced report layers.

Name — Describes the use of the layer [Connector, Macro, Redline, SmartText, Symbol, Titleblock].

Value — Type your own names for each layer.

If you leave a field value empty, the layer will not be available for selection.  Any items that would be created on the unnamed layer are created on the default layer instead.