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These options allow you to set the font properties of the headers and body text for all enhanced reports of the selected report type.  Also, the font style and size become the default settings of SmartText, macro attributes and names of Smart Instrumentation items.  Note that the font options do not affect the title block or other external data such as channel information.  To change the font size of the title block in a enhanced report, edit the corresponding title block symbol (for example, loop_wide.sym).

Font — Select a font from the list of available Windows fonts.  Note that if you select a font other than a TrueType font (indicated by a TT symbol), the text appears in the Enhanced Report Utility with a yellow-green font, regardless of any subsequent change you try to make to the font color in the Enhanced Report Utility.  It is therefore recommended to choose a TrueType font.

Font style — Select a font style from the list of available styles: Regular, Italic, Bold or Bold Italic.

Size — Select a font size from the list of available font sizes.

Sample — Indicates the appearance of the font according to the properties that you have selected.

Reset — Resets the Smart Instrumentation font defaults.  These defaults are:

  • Font – MS Sans Serif

  • Font style – Regular

  • Size – 8