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The options on this page allow you to determine the format of the lines that represent connectors for various items.  Note that the first connected wire of a cable always inherits the properties of the cable and that the first connected wire of subsequent cable sets always inherits the properties of the cable set. For the Custom by Loop and Custom by Signal generation methods, the software displays the wires individually (not the cables), therefore you must select Item: Wire and then the appropriate color, style, or unit, if you want to use a different connector format for these loop reports.


Item — Allows you to select the type of wiring item for which the formatting definitions apply, for example, cable, cable set, wire, jumper.

Reset — Resets the formatting definitions to their default values for the selected item.

Style — Allows you to specify the line style for the connector representation.  The box beside this list indicates the visual appearance of the style that you select.  You should not change the default style used for jumpers; if you do so, the software will not display the jumpers.

Color — Displays the current color that the software uses for the connector representation.  To change the connector color, click the ellipsis to open the Color dialog box.

Units — Select the units to specify for the connector width: inches, millimeters, or twips.

Width — Specifies the connector width in the selected units.

If you are working with commas (,) instead of a period (.) as a decimal separator, for example in a German environment, you must make sure that the Width of every item in the Item list, of every category in the Enhanced Reports preferences, is set to 0.1 or lower. To do this select the Item Type from the Item List and then change the width in the Width field. You can also click Reset (not Reset All) to change the width to 0.005 for the selected Item. Failure to reset the connector width causes the generated drawing to appear distorted and impossible to read.