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Enables you to optimize indexes in Smart Instrumentation tables.  The indexes become fragmented during the domain lifetime and can contribute to database under- performance.  In this case you need to rearrange your database indexes to optimize them.

 Before starting the optimization process, make sure that the currently selected domain is not being used by another user.  If you attempt to optimize the indexes in a domain which is in use, an appropriate message is displayed.

To access this dialog box, with the System Administration window open, on the DBA menu, click Optimize Indexes.

Domain — Allows you to select the domain that contains the tables whose indexes require optimization.

Objects — Allows you to define the tables to be included into the optimization process. The following options are available:

  • All tables — Optimizes the indexes of all the existing tables in the defined domain.

  • Selected tables — Optimizes the indexes of only those domain tables you select in the Table Name data window.

Index source — Allows you to define the index source on which you want to base the optimization.  The following options are available:

  • Current database — Optimizes indexes using the current database indexes.

  • Template database — Optimizes indexes using the IN_TEMPL.DDTI template database indexes.  It is recommended that you use this option if your current database indexes have been deleted or become unusable.

Table Name — After you click Selected tables, displays the table names in the defined domain and allows you to select the tables you want to include in the optimization process.