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Enables you to optimize indexes in Smart Instrumentation tables.  The indexes become fragmented during the domain lifetime and can contribute to database under- performance.  In this case, you need to rearrange your database indexes to optimize them.

 Before starting the optimization process, make sure that the currently selected domain is not used by another user.  If you attempt to optimize the indexes in a domain currently used by another user, an appropriate message is displayed.

To access this dialog box, with the System Administration window open, on the DBA menu, point to Tuning and click Optimize Indexes.

Domain Name — Allows you to select the domain in which you want to optimize indexes.

All tables — Sets the software to optimize the indexes of all tables displayed in the data window.

Selected tables — Sets the software to optimize the indexes of the tables that you select in the data window.

Data Window — Contains the table and index names.  The Fragmentation column displays the number of Extents of each index.  Select the tables whose indexes you want to optimize.

 We recommend that you optimize all database indexes whose fragmentation level is higher than four.