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Enables Domain Administrator to configure the items that will appear in the Access Rights window for a selected project.

To open this dialog box, on the Activities menu, click Items/Activities for Access Rights.

 In a project, access rights granted on the domain level do not apply.  If you want to grant access rights to a group assigned to a project, you must also assign this group to As-Built.

Project — Allows you to select a project for which you can edit access rights.

Select all — Allows you to select all the items and activities available in the data window. This way, you set the software to display all the available items and activities in the Access Rights window.

Data Window

Display — Sets the software to display of a particular item in the Access Rights window.

Item name — Displays an inventory list of the items that exist within a particular project.  You can click the header to display the items in alphabetical order.

Item level — Displays the level of a particular item: the whole project, or just to a specific unit or plant.  You can click the header to display the items by level.