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Allows you to find an item in the tree view of an Explorer window that you open to claim items for a project, or merge items with As-Built.  This dialog box is especially useful when you want to find an item in a particular folder that contains numerous items.  You can type an item name and click Find or you can let the software look for the item as you type the item name.

Item — Allows you to type a name of an item that you want to find.

As typed — Makes the software look for an item as you type its name.

Search delay — Sets the search delay that determines how long the software waits after the last time you press a key on your keyboard.

Match case — Instructs the software to find items whose names match the capitalization of the item name you entered.

Find whole name only — Instructs the software to search for occurrences that are whole names and not part of a larger item name.