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Enables the System Administrator to access the most common commands available when the Domain Definition window is open.

All the icons except for Close icon 16bit are inactive if DEFAULT is selected from the Domain list.  Select any other domain to make the icons active.



Save Icon 16bit

Saves the definitions of the selected domain.

Green arrow SMU

Upgrades your database after installing a new version of Smart Instrumentation.  This icon is available only if the version of the domain you selected from the Domain list is different from the Administration version.

Edit icon 16bit

Makes the options in this window accessible for editing.

Delete Icon 16

Deletes the current domain and all the database tables associated with the domain.  This operation is irreversible, therefore it is recommended that you back up a domain before deletion.

After domain deletion in Oracle, a message appears with the list of physical tablespace datafiles that need to be deleted physically from the disk.  If a rollback segment problem occurs, the software displays an appropriate error message.  In this case, you need to restart the deletion process.

After domain deletion in SQL Server, the devices are left in place connected to the database, and can be used for a new domain.