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Enables the System Administrator to select a domain that needs to be deleted if its initialization process failed to complete.  You can use these options in a multi-user platform.

 If your database platform is SQL Server, in addition to displaying invalid domains, the dialog box displays all valid schemas of other databases residing in your database server.  Smart Instrumentation cannot verify whether you selected an invalid domain or a valid schema of another database.  If you selected an invalid domain schema, you can safely proceed with the domain deletion. Deleting a schema that does not part of Smart Instrumentation results in deleting data in the database to which the schema belongs.

To access this dialog box, with the System Administration window open, click DBA > Delete Invalid Domain.

Domain — Contains a list of corrupted domains and allows you to select a domain for deleting.

OK — If the database platform is Oracle, the software begins the deletion process.  If the database platform is SQL Server, the software prompts you to check your selection first.

 If the software detects a rollback segment problem, an error message appears. In this case, click OK to accept the message and then, in the Delete Invalid Domain dialog box, click OK again.  If this kind of message reappears, accept the message each time and then restart the deletion process until you receive a message notifying you that the domain has been deleted successfully.
Possible problems that cause the occurrence of the error messages are insufficient disk space, non-optimal storage clause, or insufficient number of rollback segments.