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You use the Database Profile Manager dialog box to enter the details and connection parameters of the database you want the software to connect with. You can also use the Database Profile Manager to switch between profiles and to edit existing profiles.

Profile — Displays the name of the profile currently being used by the software. You can change the profile name by selecting a new profile from the list.

Test — Click this button to check that the displayed database profile is working.

Set as default profile — Select this check box if you want the displayed profile to be the default profile. Clear the check box if you want to change the default profile.

This check box is only active if there are more than 2 databases to choose from the Profile list.

Profile name — Type the name of profile you want to create.

DB Details

The fields in this group box are used to enter the database details.

Database — Type the name of your database.

Server name — Type the name of the server.

Database type — Select the database type from the list.

Admin Details

In these fields you enter the name and password:

By default, the user name and password for Oracle is IN_DBAMN. For SQL the user name is SPI_DBAMN and the password is SPI_DBA.

User name — Type the user name used to connect to the database.

Password — Type the password used to connect to the database.

The following special characters cannot be used in passwords, database names, file names, and so forth:











New — Allows you to create a new profile.