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Enables you to create a new <unit> by copying data from an existing <unit>.  You can either copy all the source <unit> data, or define criteria for copying data from the source <unit> modules, specific module items, or specific data, for example, calibration.  The software retains the selections that you make on this dialog box apart from specification item types and wiring item naming conventions.

It is only possible to copy data to a <unit> that has no naming conventions.  In the target <unit>, the software creates naming conventions according to the naming convention definitions in the source <unit>.  Therefore, after you copy data to a particular <unit>, it is not possible to copy any additional data to the same unit again.

To access this dialog box, in the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, open the <Unit> Properties dialog box, and click Copy From.  Then, on the dialog box that opens, select the source <unit> from which you want to copy data and click OK.

The dialog box consists of the following sections:

Command Buttons

OK — Copies the <unit> data to the target <unit>.  Before clicking OK, you must select all the module data that you want to be copied, make the required item name modifications, revision and level settings.

 Click this button only after you have finished making data selection.  After you click OK, canceling the copying process can corrupt the data in the target <unit> and render the <unit> unusable.

Clear All — Clears the copying settings for all the modules.  Also, you need to click this button if you have previously copied data to another <unit>, and access the Copy Data from Source dialog box again.  The software displays the previously defined settings in the upper-right and lower-right sections.

Options — Opens a dialog box where you can set new naming options for wiring items.

 Wiring item naming settings are not retained when you reopen the Copy Data from Source dialog box.