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This dialog box allows the Domain Administrator to disconnect a user from Smart Instrumentation and close all the user's Smart Instrumentation sessions.  You can use this option on Oracle.  When disconnecting a user, you immediately stop all the following sessions of that user:

  • Smart Instrumentation application session

  • The Administration module session

  • Import Utility

  • Merger Utility

The user's sessions in other applications are not affected.  After disconnecting a user, the records of the user's Smart Instrumentation sessions remain in the CURRENT_INFO table of your server database.  If needed, you can manually clear the session records.  For more information, see Clear Smart Instrumentation Session Records.

To access this dialog box, click DBA > Locking > Clear Locking in Selected Sessions.

Database — Displays the name of the current database.

User — Allows you to select the user whose sessions you want to stop.

User initials — Displays the user's initials.

Department — Displays the department to which the user is assigned.

Note — Displays the note the System Administrator has assigned to the user when defining the user.

System Administrator — Displays whether the user you want to disconnect has been granted the System Administrator rights.

Apply — Disconnects the selected user from Smart Instrumentation.