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Enables the Domain Administrator to set restrictions on preferences for the current domain users.  After setting the default preferences for this domain on the Preferences Management dialog box, you set restrictions on various preferences by enabling or disabling them on the Advanced Domain Preferences dialog box.

The advanced preferences cannot be applied to actions performed by the Import and Export preferences of Smart Instrumentation.

After you disable a preference option on the Advanced Domain Preferences dialog box, the software automatically disables this option in the Preferences dialog box in Smart Instrumentation environment. In addition, the software overwrites the user setting with a setting that you define.

Users in the current domain can view the disabled preference options as read-only default settings.  However, individual users can customize the enabled preferences as they need.  They can do this in Smart Instrumentation environment.

Data Window

Module/Feature — Contains a list of Smart Instrumentation modules and features whose preferences the user can customize, within the Smart Instrumentation environment, on the Preferences dialog box.

Category — Contains a list of categories.  On the Preferences Management dialog box, the category names correspond to the names of pages displayed after you expand the hierarchy in the tree view pane.  For example, the New Tag category corresponds to the New Tag page of the Instrument Index preferences.

Sub Category Name — Contains a list of preference options that users can customize within the Smart Instrumentation environment, on the Preferences dialog box.  The sub category names correspond to the names of the options within a specific page of the Preferences Management dialog box.

Enabled — When selected, indicates that users can customize the option that is displayed beside this check box.  You can select as many check boxes as you require.

By clearing a certain check box, you disable the adjacent preference option customization in the current domain, so that the users working in that domain will view these options as read-only.

 When you clear the Enabled check box for an property in a particular domain, the user is unable to change the value of that item.  If you enable the same item in another domain and the user logs onto that domain, the user sees the value that was set in the domain where the property was disabled, and not the value from the current domain.

 We recommend that you do not disable the temporary folder path option.  This is because in the temporary folder, the software creates temporary files during various activities that users perform in Smart Instrumentation, for example, when creating specifications, generating CAD drawings, hook-up drawings, reports, and so forth.  If you prevent users from specifying individual temporary folder paths, the temporary folder path becomes shared among several users.  This can cause problems with data display when users perform the same activity at the same time, for example, when creating two specifications at the same time.

Enable all — Makes all the preference options available for customization in the current domain.