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Enables you to increase the tablespaces on Oracle.  You increase the database tablespace by attaching additional datafiles to an existing tablespace if the system reports that it has run out of space or fails to perform.

Tablespaces are database domains where Oracle stores your Smart Instrumentation database information.  The tablespace data is physically stored in one or more files.  Increasing the tablespace size adds a file to that tablespace.  Therefore, make sure you have enough free disk space on the drive where the tablespace datafiles are located.

To access this dialog box, with the System Administration window open, click DBA > Add Datafiles.

Tablespace — Allows you to select the required tablespace to which you want to add a datafile.

Datafile name — Allows you to enter the full path and name of the additional datafile (in .db file format).

 The current tablespace datafile path appears by default.  Make sure that you select a datafile that is not currently in use.

Datafile size — Allows you to enter the size of the additional datafile.