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This dialog box allows the System Administrator to view and print out a list of all the active connections to the Smart Instrumentation database on Oracle or SQL Server.

Connections to the Smart Instrumentation database

User — Displays all the users who are connected to the Smart Instrumentation database.  For each user, several database connections can exist.

Schema Name — Displays the database schema name to which the user is connected.

Client Machine — Displays the name of the client machine from which the user is connected to the database.

Application — Displays the application name or executable file name of the application that has a user connection to the Smart Instrumentation database.

Logon Data and Time — Displays the date and time at which the connection has been established.  The date and time are displayed according to the regional settings and date format defined on the database server.

Session ID — Displays the connection session ID recorded in the Smart Instrumentation database.  The Domain Administrator can then refer to the session ID when clearing blocked sessions on Oracle or blocking sessions on SQL Server.  For details, see Clearing Locking Common Tasks.


Prints the list of the connected users without opening a print preview.