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Enables the System Administrator to create a new accounting profile, or to modify or delete an existing one.  To access this dialog box, open the Domain Definition window, select a domain, Click Options > Add Accounting and then, in the Add Accounting dialog box click Accounting.

Accounting name — Allows you to select an existing account from this list or type a new name after clicking New or Edit.  Account names must be unique.

Accounting number — Allows you to enter the account number, if needed.

Note — Allows you to enter a short note if needed.  To insert a carriage return, press CTRL + ENTER.

Command Buttons

Apply — Saves all the changes you have made.

New — Allows you to define a new account.  Clicking this button makes all the fields accessible for editing.

Edit — Allows you to modify the current account properties.

Delete — Deletes the selected account.