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The NamingConventionMap.xml file can be edited by users.  The file contains the following code format:

          <Segment Seq="N/C Segment Number"
            InterfaceDefUID="SmartPlant TargetInterface"
            PropertyDefUID="SmartPlant TargetProperty"
            StartPos="0" Length="0 - ignore, >0 length"/>
          <Segment Seq="N/C Segment Number"
            InterfaceDefUID="SmartPlant SourceInterface"
            PropertyDefUID="SmartPlant SourceProperty"
            StartPos="0" Length="0 - ignore, >0 length"/>

  • Mapping two adjacent segments to the same property results in concatenation of the values when you publish.

  • If you use the value 'Exception' for the InterfaceDefUID property, the software looks for the <Exception Name> tag with a value equivalent to the PropertyDefUID attribute.  For example:

     <Segment Seq="2"
      StartPos="1" Length="1" />
      <Exception Name="INSTRUMENT_TYPE"
       B_PropertyDefUID="InstrFuncModifier" />

    • The software automatically takes the prefix segment and splits it into two segments, for example AB would be split into A and B. When the prefix has more than two characters you must tell the software where you want to split the prefix. To do this you must add the following to the exception code:

      A_Length="Numeric Value" where the numeric value equals two or three. This tells the software how many characters from the prefix to use in the first segment. For example, if you have a prefix of PDT (Pressure Differential Transmitter) selecting the value two would create PD for the first segment and T for the second. Selecting three would produce PDT with the second segment being empty.