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Before you can publish and retrieve information from any of the authoring tools, you must register each plant in Smart Instrumentation with a SmartPlant Foundation database.  The connection allows Smart Instrumentation to use the integration commands.  A Smart Instrumentation Domain Administrator typically performs the registration.

The software maps a plant and all its projects to a single SmartPlant Foundation URL, which points to one, and only one, SmartPlant Foundation plant database and its projects.  When you use the Register command in any of the authoring tools, you are registering an authoring tool plant with a SmartPlant Foundation URL and plant that you specify.

The Domain Administrator must register each plant in the authoring tool once; this action takes place in the Administration module.  After the plant is registered, you can publish and retrieve documents.

  • Tool registration information is not upgraded in SmartPlant Foundation; therefore, each tool must re-register with SmartPlant Foundation after upgrading SmartPlant Foundation.  Since it is not possible to re-register a Smart Instrumentation plant using the interface options, if you must re‑register a Smart Instrumentation plant, contact the Smart Community Web Site.

  • When working in an integrated environment, you must register your required projects with SmartPlant Foundation. Failure to register your projects with SmartPlant Foundation results in an error when trying to log in to a project in the integrated environment. For more details on how to register your project in SmartPlant Foundation, see Register with SmartPlant.